First 24 Hours on Huel

So, bit of background.

I’m fairly overweight at the moment and have decided to do one month at 100% then faze in healthy meals to bring me back to a comfortable weight, I’d like to lose 5 stone in total (20 stone, 6"2’ currently) though this is a long term goal.

My parcel got delivered yesterday just before lunch so I popped home from work and had 3 scoops then and wasn’t hungry until around 6.30 when I got home from work and had my second 3 scoops.

Despite wanting to snack later on in the evening I didn’t, just drank lots of water and had 1 scoop in 150ml water.

Obviously as it stands I’ve only been using it for a day, however last night was the first time I’ve not woken up with heartburn in months, so I’m stoked just now. Can’t wait to see the results moving forward.


You may find your body takes a little while to get used to all Huel. Expect some unpleasant toilet experiences for a few days and you might get some digestive issues (I got heartburn for the first time ever) I guess it depends on your own internal flora, fauna and balances. Once you get through it you may find the need to add a little roughage, though it claims to be enough if you’re dieting you probably need more (I have a large apple a day). And after around 3 days your body will start feeling hungry. As I consume less than 1500 calories a day and so less than RDA of many things I take a vitamin tablet. I also experienced some issues with my connective tissue so also now take a collagen supplement which seems to have done the trick…

Congratulations - first 10 days are the hardest - good luck