3 unopened bags of unsweetened + others

Hi I have

  • 3 unopened bags of unsweetened
  • 1 almost empty bag of unsweetened
  • 1 almost full (opened) Chocolate Flavour Boost
  • 1 almost empty pineapple and coconut flavour boost
  • 1 almost full (opened) banana flavour boost
  • 1 almost full toffee flavour boost

And I would love to sell it. I’m located in London.

I’d be interested in the chocolate and toffee boosters - how much were you thinking for each?

@lakra are you a new(ish) customer who only tried unsweetened? Just curious

Kaedius345, could you please suggest some price? I’m sorry, I just really don’t know how much it should cost.

RyanT, I’ve been drinking other Huel products for many months, but my skin got really bad. I’ve had lots of spots, etc. I’ve read that it might be connected with sucralose so I decided to stop having it and see. After switching to plain, my skin went back to normal. The problem is that I can’t get used to the taste :confused: And I’ve been forcing in into me for more than a month. Finally I gave up.

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That’s such a shame :frowning: well done for switching it up and trying other things, hope you find something that works for you

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Hm, I’m not sure either! Would you do the banana toffee and chocolate for £15 in total? I’m also London based so could collect it from you as well.

I think that’s a very fair price.

I think that’s too much, as they’re opened? Maybe 10 pounds? I’m located close to the Clapton station and work close to the Old Station station

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Sorry I didn’t get the message notification for this - 10 pounds is fine by me. I live near Greenwich but work in West London - I could meet you somewhere to collect it some time after 4.30pm tomorrow?

That would be great! Would Old Street station or Liverpool Street station be good for you?

I’ll send you a message and we can sort it out :slight_smile: