Banana booster for sale, LDN

Hi all,

I’ve got an unopened bag of the (new;100g) banana flavour booster I’m looking to sell. I received it by error during the initial chocolate cherry booster sale and I’ve already got banana premix and an opened bag of the old banana booster.

As I got it for free, I’m willing to sell it off for 3 quid. I’m also happy to throw in 2 Huel bars (1x v3.1 salted caramel and 1x v3.1 coffee caramel) for an extra 2 quid.

Hoping to do collection only at the moment :slight_smile:

Edit: all sold :+1:

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I’m tempted more so I can try the bars as I’ve got a full bag for the same reason :joy: If nobody else takes you up on it I might depending on where in London!

Also interested depending on where in London you are!

I’ve actually already found someone to sell it on to but thanks anyways, guys!

@surrealsai I actually have quite a surplus of bars (Huel and non Huel) so if you really want a couple of the new ones I’m sure we could sort something out :slight_smile:

I’m based in SE London and work in West London, so I’m happy to travel anywhere more or less in zones 1 or 2.

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I live in SE London too! I’ll DM you :slight_smile: