9 months on Huel

Nine months on Huel now and I cannot not praise it enough.

You would expect after almost a year of drinking lots of the same stuff every day, to be somewhat sick of it, but I love every mouthful.

At risk of sounding hyperbolic, I enjoy it so much that I find it hard to sip, and once I start drinking, tend to knock it back because it is so incredibly refreshing.

I like to think that this is because it is giving my body everything it needs, but it more likely just tastes very good.

I have been having 1-2 a day since March, but in the last month have been pre-mixing them each night and having 3-4 a day.

This last month I feel healthier than ever and I really do think its down to the dietary increase in Huel.

Thanks again guys and please do not go out of business :laughing:


I totally agree! For me it’s been 18 months and I likewise still love every mouthful (of the Original - hate the New and Improved!).

I had a check up recently at the GP’s, and there’s no diabetes, no prostate issues, good levels of bad cholesterol, good levels of good cholesterol, perfect blood pressure, perfect weight, perfect BMI. I’ve always been pretty healthy, but I reckon coming across Huel at 52 was a true blessing. Oh, and not one day of illness in all that time - not even a cold.


This is amazing to hear congrats!

Were all these elements sub par prior to eating Huel?

Also how much do you eat?

Yes, I never expected to still be enjoying Huel after drinking it for a while and now for every meal for 2 weeks. Good feeling isn’t it?

I honestly don’t know, except I can say my weight was too high. I’m male, 5’10", and just around the time someone introduced me to Huel, an old, old pair of jeans appeared to be shrinking… Then my Mum (who never makes comments like this) suddenly said one day I was looking “chubby”, which is not normal for me. So I bought some scales and, sure enough, I was twelve and a half stone! It took five months using Huel 1-2 times a day to get down to 11 stone, where I remain today, much happier and healthier.

It’s a rare day when I don’t have one 3-scoop Huel (with just water). I’ll often have two. About a year ago I brought in intermittent fasting, too. I’ve always been a fan of fasting, but I don’t like the massive mental focus it tends to bring onto food. IF works beautifully for me. I don’t eat after 8pm (though it’s usually more like 7pm), and I don’t eat again until noon. I might break with this one or two days in a month, usually due to social arrangements.

Most days, lunch is a 3-scooper plus maybe some cheese and biscuits, and / or some fruit. Some days, lunch is similar. I have my son here every other weekend so I’ll sometimes have what I cook for him. Lunch today will be broccoli, fried eggs and veggie ham, for a change.

Hope that helps!

So great to have you loving Huel, Neb. I won’t lie, put a Mocha or a Mint-Chocolate Huel in front of me and I’m not a sipper either! So pleased to hear you’ve been generally so much healthier than before, keep it up and thanks for taking the time to write the message!