A brief word on ‘Necroposting’ or bumping up old threads

A brief word on ‘Necroposting’

“posting in a thread or replying to a topic, that has been inactive for a long period of time.”

If a post has been inactive for 1 year or more please do not post in it. You are welcome to start a new thread if after reading the previous posts your question or point of view still has not been addressed.

This will prevent topics which are no longer relevant being revived, or older debates being reignited with similar points.

I have updated the Rules section of the forum to address this.

The date format can be confusing if you don’t click further.

Jan '16 = January 2016
Jan 16 = January 16th of the current year

If you don’t know when a post was shared, you can easily find the full date by clicking the shortened date in the top right of any post.