A group of Hueligans to test our website! (a Hueligang?)

We recently did a little Huel workshop and it was awesome. We want to make Huel as good as possible and we can only do that if Hueligans actually can and want to use it!

One area that is difficult to get feedback on is our website/subscription/account area. We can set up our own accounts, place test orders, replicate Hueligan’s experiences and pressure test our systems, but no one uses these areas like you guys.

We want to set up a little private group of Hueligans who want to help us and give us feedback, test new versions of different parts of the site, we might want to just observe how you usually use the site. It might be as simple as a survey, or we might want to have a video call with a few of you. Not everyone would need to take part in everything though, but the more information we can gather the better.

You would need to be comfortable signing a non-disclosure agreement (which means you can’t share the information we share with you) because some of it will be new, innovative tech we are building and trialling. :male_detective: You would also need an account on the forum and ideally are a Huel customer.

Anyone who knows anything about UX/UI design might find this super interesting too :computer:

If that’s something you want to get involved in, drop a comment below expressing interest and I’ll get in touch!


Yup, count me in! I’m happy to ‘give back’ to you guys, as Huel has been a game-changer for me. And I do have a fair bit of UI/UX experience over the years. I started designing UIs in the mid-1990s for BP, and was still doing it for one of the new UK challenger banks up until 2018, though I don’t have any qualifications in it.

Anyway, I’m here if you need me.


I’m also happy to help. As a regular customer I’d be keen to get involved!


Good evening Tim (if you’re still at work that is!).

I took part in the recent workshop earlier this month, and I would certainly be interested in becoming a part of a Hueligang if I can be of any of more help to you guys.

Best wishes,

Dan :slight_smile:

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Happy to help. Formerly worked on front end development, on UI testing. This can be fun for me. Could realistically give 2 hours a week to the project :slight_smile:

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I’d be happy to help! Ordered my first batch of Huel a couple of weeks ago and I’m hooked! Already got my 2nd order planned. :slight_smile:

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • Volunteer as a QA tester for ROBLOX Corporation with an active NDA.
  • 2nd-year Software Engineering student. (learning JS and all that good stuff)
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Since switching to ordering in bulk less frequently, I don’t use the main site as often as I did but happy to help out of I can.

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Ah thank you so much folks, this is great news and amazing to hear from so many experienced people in this area too! (however if you’re reading this and aren’t experienced in web design don’t worry! that’s not a criteria! We’re looking for regular Hueligans)

:heart_eyes: thank you so much, however we don’t anticipate there being anywhere near that level of commitment required.

I will drop you all a DM :blush:

Keep them coming guys! Thank you so much too.

Hey there, I’ve been a bit of a long time lurker - first time posting!

I’d be happy to help with this endeavour.

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Hi Tim,

I would be happy to help :nerd_face:

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Hi @Tim_Huel, Id be interested and being a web developer i might be able to give some useful UI insights.


Hell yes - Dev guy here too. I’m keen.

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Keen / happy to help! Worked for tech companies my whole career and recently moved from QA to Products / UX. :smiley:

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I’d be keen to help! As part of my job I do a bit of User Acceptance Testing once in a while, and love giving feedback on what does or doesn’t work (logically).

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Long time customer, I need to reorder/order new stuff within the next 2 weeks I approx. Hit me up.

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I would also like to test/comment on the website…so if you’re still looking for participants, count me in.

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@Tim_Huel You can also count on me :slightly_smiling_face: Sounds fun and I’ve been a Huel customer for more than 3 years. Besides that, I have a background as a software/web developer.

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I’d love to be involved - my main gripe at the moment is that whenever you change your delivery date it erases any discount code you might have put in.

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Thanks folks! I’ve DM’d you all!


here I go again!
I’ll sign the NDA with blood if that helps.