A meal isn't 153 calories

Thought might buy some and couldn’t find on the website the info I wanted which I thought would be easy to find - i.e. if its £1.61 a meal as is stated on the ‘ordering page’ how many calories and other nutrition is a meal (I use this as a morning meal before workouts…). did a bit of arithmetic and worked out that what they call a meal is only one scoop i.e. 38g and 153 calories. But surely a meal should be 2 scoops (76g, 306 calories, equal to a Mars bar they say) or more realistically 3 scoops (114g, 458 calories which is comparable they say to a Tesco chicken and bacon sandwich). So a meal of Huel would really cost £3.22 or £4.83…No where on their pages could i find the information I wanted i.e. how many scoops per meal to give so many calories…!? Is my maths correct?

Idk about the english site but on the German one it clearly states when you select how much you want to order that one meal is exactly 500 kcal and the price per meal.

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Here in the states it says that one serving is 500 calories.

https://huel.com/pages/how-to-use may help.

Hi there, sorry for the confusion. Of course 153kcal isn’t a meal, unless you’re an elf! 500kcal is the size of meal that we base our cost structure off of. So when you buy 28 meals (28 x 500kcal meals) you pay £45 which equates to £1.61 per meal.

This is the breakdown per scoop as well:

I hope this helps!