Acid indigestion

Hi everyone im on my second batch now can anyone tell if they suffer with acid indigestion after there drink,

There was a brief thread on this, so I think it is a possibility.

Several years ago I did suffer from acid reflux which was a side affect of Xiphoidalgia which was probably caused due over-exertion when rowing (the thing in a boat not arguing). I have had it a couple of times when eating Huel, but don’t necessarily believe it is Huel itself. My xiphisternum is still sometimes painful, but back then it would make a cracking noise like a golfball being dropped into a plastic cup which people around me could hear too. Took a while to sort itself out. Not much help, but personal anecdotes are fun.

Here is the thread, but not really much use:

There were quite a few threads / posts on this subject but you’ll have to hunt them down. Not seen it come up again for a while until now.

My personal experience was when I first started on Huel my portion size was 120g and I used to get mild to moderate heartburn after consuming and I used to burp a lot. This persisted for a few months.

I reduced my portion size to 90g to see if it would help and it did. The symptoms were much reduced and a few months later they were gone completely. 90g is a better portion size for me.

In summary, I believe part of the problem was my body needed time to adjust to the type of food being consumed and the other was my portion size was too big.