I'm not losing weight and does anyone else have acid reflux on Huel?

I have been having 2 scoops 2 times daily and a 500kcal meal every day for 3 weeks (my one week supply of Huel is almost out now), I do a spin class and boxercise once a week each, run 5-7 days a week and Crossfit once daily 7 times a week in my home garage. I have a very busy lifestyle with 2 small kids, a full time job, part time job and a full time study load from the OU. I had a hysterectomy in October and put on weight in recovery and weigh just under 100kg. I was hoping to loose 3-5kg over the month but all I have done is fluctuated around 97-100 kg (97 first thing in the morning with no clothes and after a big poo). Also got a really acidic stomach… Any ideas Huelers?

I can’t help you with the weight loss question, but I would have thought running such a large calorie deficit you should be losing significant weight, are you snacking? Huel initially gave me bad acid too, I now just add half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda to each shake and it seems to have done the job.

I have only had a couple of days where I had a snack, one of those was a banana and the other was a really naughty snickers bar. I will try the bicarbonate

This is a good guide on how to lose fat - https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss

Thanks Julian. I have already checked that one out. Somebody suggested it may be to do with my oestrogen. In going to check it out with the doc.

I am also suffering like this …very very disheartened.
I weigh similar and using huel the same …exercise isn’t as extensive but I cycle 10 miles every other day and do a full gym work out…I have one snack item per day.
This is my third week of huel and have yet to see any real shift in weight…plenty of hovering …any other advice please???j

Doc wasn’t very helpful. Probably not oestrogen and thinks Huel sounds ridiculous. However a PT I spoke to said I may be undereating and my body isn’t shifting in weight as it thinks I’m starving it - anyone know anything about this?

How many calories are you eating do you know? Or how much food roughly?

1100-1200 kcal per day - 2 scoop huel for breakfast and lunch and 500-600 kcal meal for tea (sometimes different order, sometimes only 400kcal if I’m not working out twice that day).

From your original post, it sounds like most of the week you are doing a run plus crossfit, plus other stuff during the week. With that amount of intense exercise, 1200 cals is likely not enough and may be putting you into starvation mode. Figure out your calorie expenditure for a day, and subtract 25%. That should be your target.

I’m 100% Huel doing crossfit. I’m still new to crossfit so right now only doing it 3xs a week, but still 1200 isn’t enough for me. I was originally on 1200 a day, and now am upped to 1550 a day. I’m 178 cm tall and 68 kg just to give you an idea, with the goal of burning fat and toning.

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I think I have also developed a small amount of acid reflux. Sometimes over the last week or so I throw up a tiny bit but swallow it quick before it gets into my mouth. It’s a little scary. I have been on 2/3 huel meals a day for a couple weeks and am trying to do 100% huel for weight loss, but with the amount stuck to the bottle I worry about undereating and have a snack (fruits and veg) in the evening. I still sometimes have bouts of terrible flatulence and have a suspicion that the sucralose and/or flavouring is to blame. Even though most days I still do 2/3 huel, the 3rd meal is pretty small. I have swapped one bag for unflavoured/unsweetened in my last order to experiment. I did one day with 100% of that and surprise surprise I felt awesome. The honey I added might have helped. The U/U huel is notably more runny than what I’ve gotten used to and I generally don’t have time to mix fun things with it in the morning, so I’m back on vanilla during the week. That being said, I really like the texture of U/U because I find it quicker to drink than vanilla which can sometimes take over 2 hours for a 800ml bottle in the office and the taste of U/U isn’t as bad as I expected.

Other possible causes of my acid reflux may be the amount of lemons I’m eating (1 a day more or less in my salad, snacks etc) or generally undereating or maybe lack of water. It could be that the lemons and vinegar don’t have the usual fat and oil to balance them out so they’re too much for me on this new vegan diet. I don’t know what I’ve done but I’m not ready to blame sucralose yet. Huel is doing so much good for my hair, skin, nails and energy that I really don’t want to give up on it.

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It sounds like you eat way too little. 4 scoops = 623cal , then 500 cal meal, so you don’t even eat 1200 cal per day. That sounds like you should be definitely losing weight, is there any other source of calories (milk or sugar in coffee, evening snacks) or anything else?

Your body is probably retaining water which is why the scales aren’t moving in the right direction yet, it takes a while to adjust to a new diet, so it might depend on what you were eating before.

There’s no doubt that if you keep a huge calorie deficit like that, you will start losing weight though, the energy has to come from somewhere.

Don’t know the cause and don’t bother with it too much but I get the small reflux you describe as well.