Add Boron to the nutrition label

I’d like to see the boron amount on the nutritional label alongside lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, choline, etc.

Do you mean you would like to see how much naturally occurring boron there is in Huel, or you would like to see us adding additional boron into Huel for added benefits - supposed cognitive function and metabolism benefits?

Probably one for @JamesCollier to answer.

I was reading an interesting article about sulforaphane, like to see some more research about this too.

Hi there

We’ll look in to this. The issue is, boron values are not readily available, but we can look in to it, for sure :slight_smile:


If you can’t get exact amounts it would be nice to add a small section to your nutrition page with an estimate. It would be reassuring to know Huel was at least as good as a regular diet for Boron. There’s a paper which suggests some health benefits.