Added Engevita nutritional yeast for surprisingly good results


Tonight (day 4 of my Huel adventure) I was craving a savoury flavour. I had a bit of a crazy brainwave and stirred in loads of Engevita nutritional yeast flakes.


The flavour was almost cheesy, definitely umami, and I loved it.

I expect it will not be to everyone’s liking, but you might like to try it, particularly if you’re after a vegan hit of extra B vitamins.


I loove nooch!! Which type of Huel did you mix it with?


Bizarrely I added it to the original vanilla, but I’m guessing it will be even better in the unsweetened , so I’ll try that next week when I’m planning to give unsweetened a go.

I’m finding vanilla tasty but far too sweet for me, so experimenting with anything that makes it less sweet. A large spoon of cinnamon is my favourite and simplest after the nooch.

Nice to meet another nooch fan. None of my friends have even heard of it :grinning:


Ohhhh I’m going to have to try that! Completely agree with the cinnamon, its a fab combo.
Haha I love the stuff and throw it all over everything! I even take a mini tub out with me if I eat out lol :smiley:


I love nooch and eat it on almost anything…but never thought to add it to Huel…i am a bit scared to be honest.


Start with adding a bit to just a little slosh of Huel, then if you hate it you won’t have wasted anything. But I’m willing to bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised :open_mouth:


Only on the Huel forums is your nooch not niche


What a delicious idea! I tried the warm curry Huel and didn’t like it, unfortunately. Ill give this a go!

@Madeleine: haha on the line “nooch not niche”!


Finally bought some Engevita - B12 version as they didn’t have the non B12 one - at the weekend but not tried it yet.

Have a couple of qs for you…

Hot or cold?

Packet suggests a serving of 1 tablespoon - how much did you use & how many Huel scoops?


Tried cold with 1 tbsp in 400ml and 3 scoops of u/u. Ok but unless it’s better with hot water am unlikely to persevere.


Strangely, I prefer the taste when added to vanilla. My favourite recipe at the moment is 400ml water, 100g Vanilla or half-and-half with U/U, 1 tbsp Engevita, 1 heaped teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg or ground cloves.


Will try warm next and maybe sweet after that


I tried the warm curry idea and that really put me off trying warm Huel again. I made my unflavoured shake with (didn’t measure) probably 2 tbsp of Engevita and it was solo yummy! Later, for dessert I had a chocolate Huel! Hit the spot! Savoury meal and sweet dessert!


If you use warm water with Huel it turns to porridge… Remember it’s 50% oats…

Been there done that, didn’t work. :frowning:


In that case I guess I need to up the dosage of engevita and/or try some vanilla in there too- maybe as a 50:50 mix with u/u.

Normally when I’m trying to take the edge off the sweetness i go 2 :1 vanilla: u/u but here I think less sweet would be the way to go


It was… awful… I did have to force myself to drink it: I focused on the nice flavour … and had many rests. Haha!


Bought a tub of Engevita today. Love the taste! :yum: Can see I will have to experiment with Huel, though I really like the taste as is. I have only tried new Vanilla and Berry so far but will be getting some U&U to try soon.