Advice and comparison to Herbalife

Hi Guys, I started using Huel back in August and used it on and off until around November - I tried many times to go 100% Huel but never felt full enough and always craved ‘proper’ food, I also found that I would get very bored of it by the end of the week. I then gave up smoking and as a result have since put on around 2 stone to just over 20 stone so I need to do something drastic!, it’s so hard to believe that I let myself get to this level, so embarrassing.

I have recently started using Herbalife with a high protein diet which seems to be working (early days) but this is expensive and the reviews are mixed on this though I very much enjoy the shakes, probably more so than Huel but I don’t feel as full on them as I do with Huel.

The lady I deal with at Herbalife has recommended that I have a lot of protein in my diet (170g per day) as she says this will lose the weight. I understand Huel has a high protein content anyway.

My question is, using Huel for weight loss, what is the recommended amount of Huel per day, is going 100% Huel advisable and what about snacks. I know this depends a lot on calories needed and other factors but just looking for a general rule of thumb. Is there a ‘Huel meal/diet plan’ to follow?

Also, has anybody had experience of Herbalife and what are the general benefits of Huel over Herbalife?

Another general question, what are recommended as high protein snacks? I have tried the Huel bars in the past but find the texture too dry.

Have a look through the forums, this is basically the same question with the same answer.

I’d seriously scrap the Herbalife, with all due respect, I find it awfully unconvincing and to be honest, a whole load of crap.

Weight loss depends on two things:

  • A calorie deficit
  • Consistency

Go to a TDEE calculator online and input your details. Get an estimated figure. Now, eat 500 less than this every day, tracking calories in an app like Myfitnesspal. Weigh every few days to track progress and ignore sudden jumps/drops overnight. Look at the trend over weeks, not days.

A high protein diet is ‘fashionable’ at the moment. It’s not necessary for weight loss, though. Huel will give you a great macronutrient balance of PCF - Protein, carbs, fat. Huel is not some magic weight loss product, it’s convenient, tasty, crushed foods. Oats, seeds and multivitamins. It’s exactly the same as any other food, but it’s easy to track and is nutritional.

I wouldn’t advise jumping on 100% Huel straight away, ease into it. Eventually, just eat your TDEE - 500 in Huel shakes per day and avoid alcohol and snacking. It’s genuinely very easy with enough willpower.


Thanks for the advice, I am tending to agree with Herbalife - I felt a lot fuller on Huel than I do currently with Herbalife, I like the flavours of Herbalife more so than Huel but I guess that’s nothing a bit of experimenting can’t sort out :slight_smile:

Thanks again! - I have lots of packs of Huel left from last time so I may just give it another go :slight_smile:

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