Huel vs herbalife?

Have tried herbalife a few yrs ago and found it worked but put it down to going for runs. Whats the difference between herbalife and huel?

Herbalife is a weight-loss product designed to help you restrict calories, Huel is a meal replacement designed around helping people replace poor quality meals.

If you tried to live on herbalife alone you’d only get around 1/3 of your recommended nutrition. With Huel on the other hand; whilst not necessarily recommended, a 100% Huel diet covers 100% of your daily nutritional needs.

Both have their place. Personally I’d still recommend Huel for weight-loss strategies just because of the extra nutrition (and lower cost), but if someone’s only replacing the odd meal to lose weight then either could work well to be fair.

(I think that’s right about herbalife’s nutritional values, happy to be corrected as I’ve only ever really done quick googling on them and briefly checking nutrition labels).

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I used to use Herbalife years ago. The first time I tried Huel (2.3 New Vanilla) it reminded me of a superior version of the vanilla Herbalife. So much so in fact that it instantly brought back memories.

Whilst I’d probably never use Herbalife again, eating Huel twice a day has become the norm and I have no intent of changing that.

I recommend Huel unreservedly.

Im like that about herbalife too. It worked at the time but think it was more down to change if lifestyle. Bit hesistant to fork out £45 on forst order of huel as not sure of taste as no samples

I’m confident you wouldn’t regret it. Huel is awesome. And fills you up in a way Herbalife couldn’t.

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Huel is awesome.

If you use a referral code, you can get £10 off your first order…? Happy to give you mine?