Advice Please

Thank you both! Here is my dead dog Dudley, enjoying being alive at the time.


Ah cute. And here’s a song about him:

Sing along now:
If it had a face I won’t eat it, he said
If it had a face I won’t eat it, he said
Power of the piggy’s head
Power of the piggy’s head

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Tiggy. Still alive. Just. 24years
My lifetime soulmate :orange_heart:

Edit: now passed :cry:
3/6/1996 to 8/10/2019
Bye Tiggy
You were the best life partner and the most beautiful being I ever laid eyes on


My dog Murphy.


And our cats!


Anyway, pets withstanding, back to my weight issue.

I am sticking to this: after some phaffing around: One scoop for breakfast; two scoops for lunch; and two or three for dinner.

No extras, no add ons and no cheats.

Thats the only way I will succeed.

Comments/observations welcome


John, Fudge, Tigger and Cocoa


One for breakfast might not see you through till lunch?

I gave 3 scoops for breakfast, 3 for my next meal and then a non Huel supper.

Depends really… I find if I’m not working, one scoop will hold me til lunchtime no problem.

On work days I seem to need to eat at 8am, 10am and 11am and I’m still starving by 12 :laughing::laughing: - but then I can go all afternoon until mid evening without needing to eat again.

I think we are all different and our needs will depend a lot on our personal constitution and also lifestyle.

See how you get on with a one scoop breakfast. If it’s insanely hard then don’t worry about increasing it to 2 scoops or even 100g is still a small breakfast and will likely still give you a small deficit - enough to chip away at that weight. Good Luck :+1:t2:

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My advice here would be to remain flexible. Tracking what you eat and counting calories is the magic bullet here, not the Huel powder. Huel is just a convenient way to consume a known amount of calories in a nutritious meal. As long as you’re sticking to your daily calorie target, it doesn’t matter if you have 2 scoops for breakfast, or 1 scoop plus a banana and a biscuit. Or whatever combination / alternative you feel like on the day. By being flexible like this you can enjoy what you eat and have some variety without feeling like you’re depriving yourself. Something you are much more likely to stick to for the long term.

The best thing about calorie counting is that it quickly teaches you a lot about the foods you eat… You quickly realise the foods that you are indifferent about, but that contain a surprisingly large amount of calories. You also find the foods you really enjoy that are much lower in calories. By making these smart substitutions you can eat well and really enjoy what you eat while still hitting your daily target.

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Thank you one and all.

@jonny_three_dogs, I can see this post is 22 days old, but I’m just wondering how you are getting on with the no extras, no add ons and no cheats?
One thing that hasn’t been mentioned that I feel is quite important is that Huel is low-glycemic food, in that it doesn’t produce sugar rushes. I have 3 x 3 scoop meals Mon-Fri, but I eat normally at weekends. I find that the week is great but the eating normally has to be well controlled or I go OTT and snack with all the bad stuff - I’m sure its the sugar rushes from eating bread, rice and potatoes etc! I also find that if I cut down to a 2 scoop meal for breakfast or evening meal I severely increase the risk of snacking later on!
Anyway, hope its going well after all the above advise…!

If you need a snack in the evening just go with 1 scoop of Huel instead, and take small sips. Much healthier!

Thanks for the tip.
Keep on the Huel road to better health.

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One flat scoop 150 calories, so your intake is 600 calories so something is wrong. Snacking?

My mind thinks there’s no other way to eat biscuits, which is why I avoid having any at home/work, but the last few weeks I’ve had nothing but chocolates and biscuits randomly given to me. This week I’m passing them all along and am back to Huel for breakfast rather than a bunch of biscuits (no matter how tasty).

I too no longer keep biscuits or bread in the house. However what I do SOMETIMES, like today having spent 4 hours in the garden, give myself a small bowl of organic muesli.
The next day after extra exercise is the hardest, although my body is adjusting to Huel, Huel and more Huel.

Probably you need to start home workout. Do something like asked in this article