Always thirsty with a grumbly tum

It’s only been a few days, and I’m constantly thirsty and my stomach is unsettled, to the point that I feel sick when Huel o clock comes around. I’ve seen others report similar, just wondering what the consensus is on long term use from those who have had those side effects. That is, do they pass soon enough?

Similar experience to me when I first started. I believe the fibre in Huel acts as a sponge and makes you feel thirsty, however it’s a catch 22 as if you drink more water on top of the Huel you’ve had, you pee a lot!

10 or so months on and both problems have resolved themselves over time. Your body will adjust but it’ll take a while, probably 6 months but symptoms will get progressively better.

The grumbly tummy is pretty common at the start, particularly if the carb/fat/protein/fibre ratio is different to what you’ve previously been consuming.

I find that it feels like I have to drink more water than I previously did, but that is likely because I was constantly sipping on water before and now I’m sipping on Huel throughout the day, but at a slower rate that the water I had been drinking. Overall, even though I’m getting more of my nutrition from liquid, I’m consuming less liquid unless I make a conscious effort. Side effects of this were noticeable with particularly flaky skin, darker urine, and a tiredness that I’ve come to associate with being dehydrated.

It may be worth it to examine if your liquid intake has changed with the introduction of Huel into your diet.

I started out with Huel once per day for a month or so. Just started at twice per day and my bowels have slowed down a bit. I think I need to increase my water consumption to balance the extra fibre and keep the system lubricated.

@cwbypete: I started on Huel a couple of weeks ago, replacing my lunch with 125g Huel + 625ml water and on gym days also having a 50g Huel + 250ml water after my workout.

I’ve not suffered any stomach/bowel-related complaints, but I have been suffering from dry mouth & lips, and feeling thirsty. This was particularly bad after day 5, and waking me up during the night. I’ve persisted, and today is day 12. If I score last week’s dry mouth problems as a 10/10, this week it has settled to around an 8/10, so I’m going to give it another couple of weeks to see if it continues to settle down.

@ktalexander : How long did it take for your dry/flaky skin problems to settle down (or do they persist?)?

If I don’t drink a lot water, my skin gets flaky. If I drink enough water, it isn’t flaky. This is how it’s always been for me as an adult, even pre-Huel. I’ve just been more conscious of it since starting Huel because I consume water at a slower rate with Huel. This isn’t true of everyone, but it is true of me (and likely others). Dry winter air does not help either!

Apologies if this sounds daft, but if you’re experiencing symptoms of mild dehydration, have you tried drinking more water?

E45 Cream (not lotion) is great for dry skin.

This thirst thing is very real

When i done 100% huel, after around day 10 i had the most intense thirst, it was very hard to satisfy it too

My urine was always clear, so my body was well hydrated, yet i was intensely thirsty

I remember i woke up one night and there was 0 moisture in my mouth, my tongue was hard, it felt like sand paper

It was very bizarre, i stopped 100% huel shortly after that as obviously something wasnt right. I was very well hydrated yet always thirsty.

I would be interested in an explanation if anyone has one