I tried, I really did but I don’t think it’s for me

So I have tried Huel for about 2 weeks and I think I am done. For some reason it just doesn’t work with my body. I think it’s a really good product, but something about it just doesn’t work for me. What’s weird is I can eat anything and not feel sick etc, but with Huel I had weird symptoms every day, which I will list below (in no particular order). I was taking about 750 to 1000 of Huel a day.

I get a little dizzy every time I drink it, nothing too crazy but definitely a little “buzz”
About 2 hours after taking it I get really bloated. Sometimes pretty uncomfortable too. And let’s say the breeze is a little stinky!
I need to wake up for a pee during the night like 2 to 3 times. To be fair I have always been a 1-pee a night person, but it definitely got worse on Huel.
I get some form of diarrhea every single day. This ranged from a little bit that didn’t really affect me to quite a lot/out for the night.
I get really dry skin and cracked lips. I ate an orange today and it stung my lips really badly.
I’ve been getting some minor leg cramps. I work out tons, and haven’t changed my regime, but I am getting some cramp just standing up or stretching. I only normally cramp after really long exercise, like 5 hours on a bike! But I am getting minor cramps all of the time. I thought it was because I am thirsty (same for the dry skin/lips).
The first few times I took it, I was really hungry quite soon after. But as others suggested, this got better for me over time. However I am not sure it’s because I got used to the increased amount of fiber like others have suggested. I think it’s because I have also been on a reduced calorie diet during this time; I think my body just got used to consuming less food/calories.

So this just doesn’t work for me, I really tried. I think if this works for you, then fantastic.



Interesting, most of those symptoms have been described in other threads…some at great length…you just seem to have acquired most of them…can’t really offer anything to help…but it is good to read experiences good and bad.

Were you just consuming Huel or other food as well?

I consumed normal food for breakfast and dinner and used Huel for in betweeen (lunch and snacks)