Amazon Pay issues

Has anyone else had issues with Amazon Pay?

I ordered more Huel yesterday by logging into my account and selecting more of the powder I need. I selected one-off purchase and completed the order with Amazon Pay.

I received an email from Amazon to say the payment is complete, but no confirmation from Huel. The order doesn’t even show under my account.

I contacted Huel but no reply at the moment, but was curious if Amazon Pay was a known issue.

I was hoping for a delivery today but no comms from DPD and still no confirmation from Huel.

All sorted, my Huel fix is arriving today. Phew.

Issue appears to be different email addresses for my Huel and Amazon accounts, which is why the order wasn’t showing.

Now if only I could update my Huel email address so they match :thinking::thinking:


We can help you with that!

If you get in touch on our social channels or email we can get this changed over on your account for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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It costs a small fee of £55 + tax but you can send that my way and i will sort it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Elon Musk is best billionaire you take that back!

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