Ambronite meal pouches

Just saw a competitive product called Ambronite - WAY too expensive compared to Huel but I like the way they offer a ‘box’ with each meal in a small packet. Would be great to see Huel offer something like this - perfect for travelling or making Huel easily at work without the scoop, just empty the packet into the shaker and away we go :slight_smile:

I personally think that would unnecessarily increase waste and costs, when you can pretty much do the same thing with plastic baggies.


Looks interesting.

But I prefer the way Huel is less fancy and is more like regular “fuel”, without the namby-pampy individual packets!

Next they’ll be selling replacement drinks with a monkey that feeds the liquid to you.

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I wouldn’t like that…it wouldn’t be vegan.


If you want your Huel powder in handy boxes, you can buy 9 small plastic boxes on eBay for £7:

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The lovely thing about the large bags you get with huel is that you get to choose how big a meal is. I usually have two scoops for breakfast, usually two scoops for lunch as well, but sometimes three if I know it’s going to be a hard day. On the odd occasion, I’ll just make up a single scoop snack serving to bridge a gap.
With pre-portioned meal packets, you lose that freedom - either you end up going with whatever the manufacturer decides a meal is, or you end up splitting and combining portions - messy, annoying and defeats the purpose.
I can see a benefit of offering this as a separate package, but if all huel came like this, I’d spend ages after every order just opening all the packets and decanting it all into a large container anyway. While grumbling all the while. :slight_smile:


The nutrient profile of Ambronite alone should make you LOL. What is it, about 60g protein per 2000 cals? :smirk:

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a suggestion so universally disliked as this one.

For clarity: I wasn’t suggesting all Huel should be packaged like this. I just thought it was a cool option. Like how Soylent offer their product as powder or liquid. Variety is nice. (For the record I’d love a pre-made liquid Huel option too. And a snack bar version. Variety really is nice. We’re eating powder for food, people, it helps to mix it up a bit!)

I love the idea of eating Huel as one-sachet-per-meal because it means I can have it at work WITHOUT having to buy some other extra thing like a tupperware container, or worrying about measuring it out beforehand. Just grab-and-go. And it means it would be measured out exactly right for a three-scoop meal, which is the standard recommendation, so I could eliminate the need to worry about the serving size. Plus I’d then have packets that are Huel-branded so it would help promote and spread the word. Plus it would be easier to travel with than taking a huge Huel bag everywhere with me, which is what I do now. I’ve made my point right?

And I wasn’t commenting on Ambronite as a product, I just saw it mentioned in another thread and saw they sold pre-made pouches and thought ‘that would be cool, I’ll take that idea to the friendly and welcoming people on the Huel forum for their polite consideration’ :wink:

And yeah obviously you would recycle the pouches. And ‘it wouldn’t be vegan’ …? Come on guys, I get that you might not personally benefit from this but that doesn’t mean nobody would :slight_smile:


100g sample pouch (which could be equated to roughly one meal - 3 level scoops 114g as you mentioned) is available at £4 per pouch (free postage within UK) so could perhaps appeal to those planning a trip away for a few days??

Personally I’d sooner decant my requirements into cheap tupperware, click-lock or even zip-lock packaging if I were to travel, as buying in the small pouch format, for me, would be prohibitively expensive.

I recently used zip-lock bags for a trip away to Glasgow with bottled water with a couple of shakers. Worked for me and I decided the volume (grams) which can vary dependent upon my needs.

Recycling the pouches is a non-starter too unfortunately Can we get recyclable packaging?

I’m not against variety and it has been alluded to in the past that a new [edit: Huel] product type will be announced. Just waiting to see what that might be and if it appeals.

Ambronite looks nice but perhaps that’s why it’s way more expensive??

Personally I’m very happy with Huel powder as is.

I posted these in another forum and they’re probably the same as the one Marcus posted but these fit in exactly 122g of huel and make the entire process so much easier for me. Ive only used the round ones to date.
It takes me about 15 minutes to weight out about 24 of them ready for the week. Saves me getting the powder all over my jeans and sleeve. I find it so messy.

I quite like the idea too!!

I know about the single servings as a sample but wouldn’t want to pay £4 each for them. The option of these may be an idea in the future though…

Hi Alex. There’s rumours of a bar or flapjack version coming, which I’m really looking forward to (if/when it happens), and this might suit you too for the convenience of taking to work.


The Huel bar has to happen. This is a must.


Huel bars are worth looking into, definitely. The cost of manufacturing/COGS will go up, and I think it will probably push it a little too high, but still fine if you’re well off or only having them a fraction of the time.

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend baking with Huel. I’m still in love with the ‘biscuit’ recipe, which I’ve taken to calling waybread. Slightly adjusted it’s:

  1. 150g Huel (75% total cal)
  2. 1 medium egg (8%)
  3. 1 ripe banana (12.5%)
  4. One teaspoon oil or butter (4.5%)
  5. 1 teaspoon baking powder
  6. 0.5-1 teaspoons cinnamon or ginger

Just mix together and bake on 180C for 20 minutes. I often do three batches at once – 2400 calories’ worth. Prep is 10 min, which is damn efficient for a day or more’s calories.

I’ve been quite happy with this nutritionally: it’s still better than most diets. However, I’m confident you could bake something much closer to all-Huel. Maybe try Orgran No Egg (vegan friendly, too) with a little water instead of 2-4. I want to try that at some point, as well as a bread recipe.


That looks tempting Simon. Do you use vanilla or unflavoured?