Amino Acid Profile

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I’ve asked the HUEL team on twitter twice about a amino acid profile but am yet to get a reply. I’m keen to see an amino acid profile of the product. HUEL has a brilliant amount of protein per serving, yet this can’t be utilised by the body without the presence of luicine (amongst other Amino acids) any insight would be good.


The protein in Huel comes from 5 of the main 6 ingredients: pea protein, oats, brown rice protein, flaxseed and MCT powder. The gives a good range of the essential amino acids and all are covered.

Rice protein is high in the sulphur-containing amino acids,cysteine and methionine and has all the others, but it’s very low in lysine. Pea protein is low in cysteine and methionine but high in lysine. So we chose these two sources, to ensure everything was covered whilst keeping Huel vegan.

Oats are also reasonably high in all essential aminos.

The BCAA L-leucine is essential, but there’s abundant of it in Huel.

We’ll sort the profile.

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The amino acid profile is now live…

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