Amount needed for 100% huel over 28 days

Hi all,

After the first few days Huel is working great for me so I want to order enough for a month of 100% Huel. I doubt I’ll actually eat 100% but there’s no harm in having some left over. So here are my calculations:

2000kcal per day = 500g Huel
500g x 28 = 14kg
1 bag Huel powder = 1.75g
1.75 x 8 = 14
So I need 8 bags of Huel for 28 days at 100%

That will cost €184.50 total, about €6.60 per day.

Is that correct? Anything I’ve missed? Thanks!

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Sounds right.

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Spot on. Love a bit of Huel maths.

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