Anger with Huel Black?

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I’m a long-time fan of Huel. Have had it as part of my diet since 2016 and have always used original Huel both vanilla and unflavoured , plus occasional flavour boosts. I have never had any complaints and it has always left me euphorically happy….
My husband suggested we try Huel Black as we were gaining a bit of extra weight from the normal Huel.
Well……. It makes me RAGE. What is this about?? Also, both of my kids have had original Huel fine but after trying Huel Black, my youngest had had screaming fits all day.
What is in this stuff that is so different to the original Huel/ where is the balance off?

Both experience and intelligence tells me this is 100% the Huel Black… but WHY??

And ‘powers that be’- can I exchange these giant sacks for the original?!

Thanks for any help, suggestions or comments!!!

I had a look at the ingredients for you, and nothing really springs to mind.


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ffs… Thanks so much for this insightful wisdom
:upside_down_face: Maybe put your time into more useful endeavours next time :ok_hand:

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You did ask for any comments


The only real difference is that Black uses Stevia instead of Sucralose. While its not regularly documented as a side effect some journals have noted that steviols can change the levels of dopamine production leading to mood changes.

a simple test for you to see if you are one of these people would be to try a different stevia flavoured product to see if it has the same effect.


Hey AR,

There’s no reason why Huel Black Edition would have this effect, and this is the first time I have heard of this in regards to a Huel product.

That’s one for our Customer Experience team, I’ve tagged @Cam_Huel to help you.

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This is genuinely helpful- thank you so much for the suggestion. I’ll explore this further.
I was wondering if the Huel Black had any changes to the type of B vitamins used (I know certain types of certain B vitamins can cause surges of anger in people, which is well-documented…but of course, not understanding whether the formula used in HB differs from Original Huel, I can’t look further into this).

Thanks for your answer :relaxed:

It’s not the first time I’ve heard of it- there are a few other threads on the Huel forum asking the same in relation to B-vitamins :woman_shrugging:

After digging further, it seems ‘anger’ and ‘rage’ are reported side-effects from consuming stevia. So far, one source points to the drop in blood sugar; I already have a caffeine sensitivity (can’t drink coffee, sends me bat sh*t) so I wouldn’t be surprised if my system is a little sensitive to stevia!

Thanks again for pointing this out to me.

Like I mentioned – I don’t think it’s a particularly well documented or researched side effect so perhaps do a blind/placebo test on two people that are affected. Use something inert like one glass of water sweetened with some simple syrup and one with a stevia sweetener and see if you get the same result as a process of elimination.


Yeap, got you. The levels of B vitamins to experience those side-effects are super high though!

Mood side-effects are really hard to pin down. If you think stevia may be causing you an issue you could try v3.0 with one of our flavour boosts as they also contain stevia.

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@ARP Just dropped you a private message!

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