Animal-free recipes

I just watched the promotional video on the homepage. It’s a super brief summary of why we should be having Huel but it mentions the all important sustainability element. For consistency it would be good to see vegan recipe examples on the main site pages rather than suggesting mixing Huel with milk and eggs. It’s totally possible to make great egg/dairy-free pancakes/biscuits/cakes. For me a sustainable diet and eliminating animal agriculture, as well as personal health, were the reasons that I bought Huel. Presumably Big Brother knows this, hence having Huel as my targeted advertising (which clearly worked). Because of this I was surprised to read recipes containing eggs and milk on the main page.

@amber, good point. I’m not a great cook so basically adapted some existing recipes to give users something to start with. Yes I would prefer vegan, does anyone have some ideas / recipes?

I will have an experiment this week. Annoyingly I bought a lot of vanilla flavour Huel and no unflavoured but will try some sweet recipes and see what I can come up with.

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Yes please. You can exchange your vanilla for unflavoured if you want to.