What do people think of the idea of a Huel 'Scrambled egg' hot n' savoury?

I was just trying to think of different ways Huel could could better penetrate the breakfast market.

At a first thought, a specially designed Huel mix that you mix with water then fry into a vegan friendly, fully nutritionally balanced scrambled egg dish would be a great way of going about it!

Also, I guess further to that thought, you can get those boxes of mix in the shop that you can use to make your own vegan sausages or burgers. Similarly, it’d be great if Huel made a product like that but that also offered the Huel stamp of nutritional goodness!


Just saw the thread about the nutritionally complete burger…so yeah don’t see why not.

would love if they could do an egg product like Just - but ambient and be able to use in cooking and baking - that would definitely be a winner.

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Have you tried Just? It’s not in the UK yet.

yes its pretty good.

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There is a vegan scrambled egg. I’m a bit funny with eggy things tho, I’ve been too long without them I think.

I know there are other vegan egg products, my question meant to be just what people thought of if Huel were to make one that also was fully nutritionally balanced?

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Terrible confession for a cafe manager and cook, but when I make scrambled egg at home for just me I do it in the microwave. Comes out like a McDonald’s horror but tastes fine, is quick and means less washing up! If Huel could make one I didn’t have to turn the hob on for that’d be great :laughing:

I have my own hens, but they’re rescue ex-batts so three of the four don’t even lay. Having a good, shelf-stable non-egg sitting in the cupboard would mean I could have an eggy snack even when Nipper takes a few days off.

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This would be really cool. Along with the burger idea and this one, Huel meals have the nutrition designed to be complete on their own. With a burger patty or eggs, you’re never consuming them in isolation. I just think that then we wouldn’t be able account for the other nutrition people regularly consume with a patty/egg (bread, salad, cheese etc). Huel is all encompassing for each individual meal. You remember how cereal used to have, or still has(?), the nutritional profile of the product plus a nominal amount of milk. I always found that confusing, when it was meant to be helpful.

Just a musing and not a :no_good_woman: :no_entry: I honestly believe our New Product Development team can do anything! So who knows what we will see.

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This is a really good point and not something I’d considered.
Maybe a fully nutritious vegan all day breakfast then haha

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