Huel time

I first came across Huel when I was looking into going Vegan - as I’ve always been a bit fussy when it comes to food, I decided I needed something to help make up for any vitamins or minerals I might lack through my limited diet. Huel seemed to be a good option. I have liked all of the Huel products. The bars are handy to grab and go. The shakes are tasty and quick to prepare. And now the Hot and Savoury has to be my new favourite, offering a hot, real food option that is delicious.

Even though my vegan lifestyle has turned out to be a lot less limited than I had anticipated, I love incorporating Huel within it as the products are simple to prepare, tasty and healthy.

I was a little disappointed when the Huel Granola was discontinued as I liked mixing it with nuts and marshmallows, melting chocolate and making cakes. I was also dubious when the bars were changed, but I have to say that that was definitely an improvement as the new bars are much more tasty and a handy snack size.

With the new Hot and Savoury, I do think Huel are heading in the right direction.


Hey Hayley, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! So glad you found Huel to help get the right stuff into your diet :slight_smile: We’re so pleased with the selection of products we offer, but we’re not done! Who knows what the future could bring!