Huel Welsh Cakes! (non vegan)

So for my first attempt at huel I got myself 8 packs of Vanilla.

I was a little dismayed that a lot of the recipes seem to use unflavoured rather than vanilla, so I decided to try something with what I had and I cake up with huel welsh cakes, which I think are pretty amazeballs.

3 Scoops huel
1 tsp baking powder
Mixed spice + cinnamon to taste (I put in about a tsp of each)
55g spreadable butter
55g sultanas
1 beaten egg.
A little water

Sifted the huel, spices and baking powder into a bowl then added sultanas and butter. Mixed with my hands until it has a crumble like texture and then added the beaten egg, added a little water to make it more dough like and then just made balls in my hand and pressed it flat on a medium heat frying pan that I lightly buttered prior to heating.

Cooked for about 3 minutes per side then stuffed into my face.

Gives you a batch of about 6-8 welsh cakes, and about 1000 calories for the whole batch.

I think you could probably get away with reducing the butter content and replacing the butter / egg with vegan alternatives if so desired!


Will deffo try this one!

Definitely will look into trying this. I personally use apple cider vinegar with baking soda to replace the egg, so will try using that. There’s plenty of vegan butter’s around that are seemingly identical to normal butter for me too, so that’s no issue.

Thanks for sharing!