Huel Cooookies (yummy)

I love the idea of huel so much but am one of those who simply cannot stomach it as a drink. So I’ve been using it to make cookies, subbing it in for the flour, and I have to say they’re rather good. Not super healthy, but if you want to have treats it’s surely better to make them more comprehensively nutritious, right? Here’s the basic recipe (in cups so sensationally easy - I use a half pint glass to measure) to which you can add what you will:

1 cup veg oil; 1.5 cups brown sugar; 2 eggs; 2 tsps vanilla extract; 1/2 tsp salt; 2 cups huel; 1 tbsp self-raising flour (just for the raising agent and fluffiness); + whatever you like for extra texture/ flavour. Bake on a lined tray 10-15 mins at 180 degrees/ gas mark 4.

Best combo so far is with half a punnet of fresh raspberries, two handfuls of dried cranberries, and a handful of golden linseed. Also good with chopped dried apricots and pecans! Will try to work out an egg-free alternative to make these vegan too xx

Cookie inspiration:


As it’s just the egg that isn’t vegan, I imagine chia seed ‘eggs’ or the vegan egg substitutes that can be found in places like holland & barratt, would work fine.
I think I might try making these with dark chocolate and raspberries! I’ve tried waffles so far, but not added Huel to any other baking yet.

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