Huel biscuits, cookies or cake recipes please!

I have too many bags of (UU) Huel which due to lockdown and having an abundance of time for home cooking, I’ve not been getting through.
But, I really fancy baking to use some of it up!
I’ve tried searching through the Recipes category but not really found what I’m looking for.

I want to make biscuits or cookies or cakes (no pancakes please), but with Huel as the only flour (will this work? I really don’t want to buy other kinds of flour, I just want to use up my Huel).
I’m not a massive fan of baking with coconut oil but will try it, but would like other options to try out too.
Anything involving chocolate is a bonus :laughing:
I am allergic to banana so no banana recipes please!
Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate and beetroot Huel cakes??? That would be awesome.

If people could post their ideas and recipes below that would be great !
Or link me to any you’ve seen elsewhere on the forum

Thanks you lovely people :blush:

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Good resource here:


Oh wow that’s a lot of choice!
Thanks Dunsford, I’m sure I’ll find something in there that works !


Great thank you I will have a nosey

hey christina!! hope you’re staying well!

i’ve started trying to create my own recipes and here’s my version of Huel brownies!! 60kcal HUEL BROWNIES? 🍫

enjoy hehe, lmk if you try it!! <3 stay safe!


Here is Inge’s delicioud cheese cracker recipe. AF = bean soaking sludge or aqua faba. Can use egg instead. Old cheese - mature, sharp.

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for 2 baking tins: 300 ml AF (= from 2 cans), 320 g HUEL, 2 tablespoons Italian herbs, 1 tablespoon paprika, a little salt, 1/3 cup oil, 2 tablespoons water (or a little more), 100 g grated sharp cheese. Knead with dough hooks into supple, spreadable/smearable dough. Place on a glass baking pan some non-stick paper or dilicpn mat if you have one. Spread half of the dough on a baking tray. Score with a blunt knife (after baking it can no longer be cut, then it is too hard.) Oven 200 degrees C + 180 W Microwave. Approximately 20 min. Place grid on baking dish, turn over, take off. Put foil back on the dish, spread the rest of the dough, score it, put it in the oven. Crackers of the 1st half break into pieces along the incisions. Leave to cool on grid. Once, when I didn’t have any old cheese, I added finely chopped dried tomatoes. I also liked it. Then it’s also vegan.