Huel cookies/biscuits

Had a quick try at baking with Huel today. A semi-success.

150g Huel
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 teaspoon butter
1 egg
(based on the cookie recipie on the Huel homepage)

Using the above recipie I got nine Huel biscuits. Quite dry though, so I might put a bit of icing on them.

Anyone out there got a good Huel cookie recipie?

@ronnietucker there is another recipes for biscuits here:

Would love to see some photos of your attempts. :slight_smile:

I’m growing to like them. They’re more like shortbread/biscuit than cookies, but I’m OK with that.

Here’s the bog standard 1.0 version:

Then I upgraded them to v1.1 with some icing (icing sugar and water with a drop of strawberry flavouring):


Looking pretty damn good.

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I might try the Huel biscuits recipe from the ‘How to’ page with the unsweetened-and-unflavoured version. If I do, I’ll let you know how it went!

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Here is another idea - Huel bread. One of our users made.


Made with the unsweetened-and-unflavoured Huel. They were popular with family and friends!


Did Kirsty mention the recipe? I’d love to try that. That is THE Kirsty Hawkshaw, right? Getting all nostalgic here. Obviously this weird kitchen experience in the 1990’s led to her wanting something simpler to wash-up! :smile:

@HarryTuttle yes it does look like its THE Kirsty. Her twitter page links to:

A rather impressive list of of collaborations.

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I made another batch–this time with caramel nut flavouring instead of hazelnut.



What recipie did you use for your cookies?

@2958302 I’m very impressed. :smile:

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Thanks! I used the “Huel Biscuits” recipe from the Huel page, but instead of 2 tsp of vanilla flavouring, I used 1 tsp of sugar-free–and artificial sugar-free–coffee flavouring (Hazelnut or caramel nut) that needed using up.

These look good. How many cookies would equal a meal? Can you eat them as a meal instead of drinking huel?


Absolutely delicious cookies, dusted with dark chocolate. <3
I have a cookie for my breakfast with a coffee, Huel shake for lunch (with added banana) and homemade soup for dinner.

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Tried some Huel baking again today. Altered a bog standard muffin recipe to use Huel instead of plain flour. It was a semi-success. The output was edible, so that was good :smile: but the muffins didn’t rise much. So they’re more like Huel cup cakes than muffins. Not sure if it was down to not enough baking powder, or just Huel acting differently from plain flour.

EDIT: In hindsight, I think my dough was too thick and sticky. Maybe it needed more milk?

Anyway, my recipe was:

1 egg
120ml full fat milk
4 tablespoons of vegetable oil
200g of Huel
50g of sugar
2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt

Mix the wet stuff, mix the dry stuff. Mix them both together and put in cases. Bake for about 20min at 200’C

Huel is quite a heavy flour I believe, so unless I’ve used baking powder and stuff it hasn’t risen much! It’s worth playing around with it to find out what’s best.

Yeah. Definitely. I’m going to try more milk in them next time. I think my dough was a bit too thick. :frowning:

Not trying to steal your thunder ppl, but I did make these the other day. If you want any tips …