Huello Huel fam!
Not sure who here still remembers me, I used to document my 1-year Huel weight loss & recovery journey with many of you here. Hit me up if you do, will be really nice to see a few friendly faces!
(quick shoutout to my fellow chocolate lovers @RyanT, @ChristinaT
and @GTIPuG, @hunzas, @Bee, @Tristan, @airiartev, @DunsfordMage, @/ChrisH0402, @David…it always warms my heart to see your names and icons on posts, makes me feel like coming home :’)
these brownies go out to you guys especially!!)

Anyway, onto the good stuff. Hopefully I’m less rambly now than back then :stuck_out_tongue: Especially now that my beloved Huel Granola is gone but my sweet tooth remains…

Ever wanted to eat Huel in solid form

But also want to eat an entire pan of fudge brownies?

Yep, the struggle is real. Since necessity is the mother of invention, here you go!

  • 4-5 ingredients
  • 5 minutes to mix
  • Vegan
  • Can be gluten free
  • Low in calories (~1.5kcal per gram)
  • High in protein

Honestly, these shouldn’t exist and this most definitely should not work, but somehow they do. I still don’t believe it either, even though I’ve experimented with 33 batches now…

181 calories & 17.7g protein for this entire single-serving loaf pan.
Yes, really.
Better than a protein bar, and fully customisable.


[Ingredients for a mini 17x9cm loaf pan]

  • 21g cocoa
  • 12g chocolate protein powder
  • 1g baking powder, pinch of salt
  • 45g erythritol (or to taste)
  • 15-20g Vanilla or Unflavoured Huel
  • 120g diet coke/any favourite soda/even sparkling water (but increase sweetener to taste)

[Ingredients for an 8x8’’ pan]

  • 63g cocoa
  • 36g chocolate protein powder
  • 4g baking powder, pinch of salt
  • 135-150g erythritol (or to taste)
  • 45-60g Huel
  • 360g diet coke/any favourite soda/even sparkling water (but increase sweetener to taste)


  • Combine dry ingredients.
  • Pour half of the diet coke, stir until well combine. Add rest of the coke incrementally and mix well.
  • Bake at 180C for ~30 minutes, until a skewer is slightly wet but it’s not liquid. It’ll continue to cook as it cools, and you don’t wanna overbake it if you like fudgy brownies.
  • Preferably cool in the fridge if you can wait that long.

Too good not to share with my Huel fam, hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!
Yes, we can now have Brownies for Breakfast (…and lunch…and dinner…).

Note: These ARE thinner than usual brownies, feel free to scale it up or use a smaller pan! Cheeky 90kcal Fiber One brownie for size

P.S. (I’ve been documenting my baking experiments on instagram at @lowcalrecipes98 if anyone’s keen; it’s been a huuge help to aid and maintain my 15+kg weight loss alongside Huel as a short person!

I’m planning on working my way through the Huel recipes too, does anyone have one they stand by & recommend, or want me to try out?)


Hi @jeffy89 good to see you again. I must confess that I haven’t tried any Huel recipes as yet but your chocolate brownies look great :yum:


@jeffy89 hey Chris! I do remember you and your thread! It was nice to have been elected as a family member haha :upside_down_face:

Wow the recipe looks delicious! But I dont have any protein powder at home, maybe I try with just Huel. The addition of coke really stroke me, does it add a nice flavour to it? I havent seen that ever before.

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aw thank you @Bee, great to see you again too!

@airiartev haha of course!! & glad to know you still remember me and my (not-so-)lil thread :’)

tbh, i got the idea because of this “add a can of diet coke to a box cake mix” hack—you can google it actually.
so I figured, why not make a more nutritionally complete version of that by making our own Huel brownie mix? :smiley:
you can try swapping the protein powder for hot chocolate mix or skimmed milk powder, some people have tried that and say it works :slight_smile:

hope you’ve been doing well and keeping safe?

It’s a cool ‘vegan egg’ trick in baking, I’ve used it before. It does add a bit of a flavour that goes well with something heavy/very flavourful otherwise, but not something very subtle/light. So best for brownies, not sure it’d work well for a sponge cake.

Really cool recipe, jeffy! Erythritol caught my attention with the low calorie ice creams on the market these days, and it seems to be a really useful sweetener. Never tried baking with it but would like to.

Mind sharing your source for buying erythritol and the chocolate protein powder?

I might try this, maybe as a comparison to what I’d more naturally think of doing (dates as the sweetener instead).

aw thank you simon & yeah it’s such an unexpected hack isn’t it, you wouldn’t think it would work!!

i’ll direct message you :slight_smile:

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they look really nice. I have seen the can of coke method used in some Betty Crocker cake mixes, but never tried it myself. Nor have I used erythritol.

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I totally misread the title of this with blurry morning eyes - and read it as ‘60kg Huel Brownies’ which definitely got my attention :slight_smile:


haha thanks @hunzas!

@Phil_C tO BE FAIR, 1kg of these brownies is slightly over 1000kcal. On a standard diet of 2000, technically you could eat 2kg of brownies everyday for a month*… :new_moon_with_face:

*note: am not liable for any side effects and bathroom implosions


I’ve spent far too long railing against diet coke to buy any, but I’ve was thinking of baking next weekend. I think I have my recipe :slight_smile:

Good to hear you’re still keeping at it! :slight_smile:

New challenge for @David perhaps?


Looks like I i’m gonna have to try creating some this weekend!


Any idea how to replace it?
Normally I don’t have it around, so buying just for one recipe would be weird :slight_smile:

Hey jeffy, so lovely to see you back!

I have never heard of this being a thing, like what?!? Diet coke? that’s madness. They look unreal, thanks for sharing. I’m a terrible/impatient baker so really hoping someone at Huel HQ sees this and shares one with me.

Nobody has ever dedicated a dessert to me before, I’m touched. Really great to hear you’re still enjoying Huel @jeffy89, if I have a crack at copying your recipe I’ll be sure to post here with pictures!

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Hi there.

These look really nice, and we actually are making some right now!

I do have to point out though, especially for those of us who are trying to control our weight, that the calories might be more than stated, depending on a few things.

Please correct me if I am wrong, or have made incorrect assumptions (for example the type of Huel and brand of ingredients used, how many you divided by) but we have used your measurements for a 8 x 8 tin, and have calculated (via my fitness pal) the calories as 1020kcal for the whole tin.

We did use Huel Black, both for the 135g Vanilla and used our Chocolate Huel Black in place of chocolate protein powder as we don’t have any, and we have used Stevia as the sweetener. However, that mostly doesn’t affect the calories. Even if it did, the 135g of Huel Black Vanilla alone works out as 600 calories. Also, two scoops of it (90g for Black edition) is a standard serving and that is 400kcal. I did check for normal Huel too, and it says a portion, 100g, is 400kcal.

Your brownies have 135g of Vanilla Huel in total, which is more than a 100g portion, and so it has to be more than 400kcal for all of them, at the very least. It depends what cocoa and other bits you use of course. I think its closer to 800-1000kcal, for all of them, depending - this is for the larger tin. Making them around 125kcal or so, if you divide them into 8. Still not bad!

I only feel this is important to mention for those who may be dieting as it wouldn’t be fair if it turns out they are more.

Edit: I did just consider that you probably meant 181kcal for the whole single serve, smaller pan. But it still, the Vanilla Huel alone still works out at 200kcal, and thats with the lesser amount of Huel. I do imagine you’re using 0kcal protein powder, so I can see how that would get it closer to 200kcal for a whole single serve tin which you then carve into 4 to get closer to 60kcal - if the cocoa you are using is also 0kcal?

We appreciate you sharing your recipe all the same. Just tried them and they are decent! Thanks!

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@Lukeff7 oh man i meant 15-20g Huel for the personal pan!! it was a typo so sorry, didn’t mean to be misleading.

and yeah the black version has more calories for the 8x8 pan.

hope you enjoy it too, let me know how it turns out!!

Edit: OMG OH NO THE 8X8 IS THE ONE THAT SHOULD BE 45-60G HUEL i am so so sorry, hope it works out nonetheless! i cant believe i didn’t realise, i’m going to change it now.

Lol :joy: no worries

Ours came out incredibly dense as you can imagine but they actually were alright! Think we just need more sweetness but as we were using a different sweetner we didn’t want to over do it. I am going to eat the rest for breakfast haha

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@Tristan haha you could use any sparkling soda or seltzer even! (but increase sweetener or sugar to taste)
also pls note that I was an actual dumdum and made a typo in the recipe i posted (it’s fixed now!!)
great to see you here again, and hope you’ve been well? ah, I remember when we had Huel Bar challenges…:rofl:

@HarrietCreates let me know how it turns out for you! can’t wait :slight_smile:

@Moebius unfortunately i’ve been testing many batches (am on Batch 39 now) and haven’t found a suitable replacement. i’ve tried skimmed milk powder, cocoa powder, flour, PB2 and they haven’t turned out the best. Some people have tried using hot cocoa mix! feel free to experiment x

@RyanT awhhh hello again you!! :’) of course, I dedicate 10 out of 39 of my brownie test batches to you :stuck_out_tongue:
please do, would love to see if it works out for ya too!
how’ve you been doing and are you still Huelling?

@Lukeff7 ahaha sorry to hear that, hopefully it was still marginally tasty anyway! thanks for taking one for the team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:

@Tim_Huel aw good to see you again Tim; thanks for the welcome back!!

haha unfortunately i can’t take full credit for this genius, it seems to be an age old hack! https://www.eatyourselfskinny.com/diet-coke-brownies/

gotta make it more nutritious of course, who needs a box mix when you have Huel? :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re most welcome…but honestly these are perfect for the most impatient of bakers. because i’m impatient for brownies myself xD

they take a literal 3 minutes to mix together—i even mixed it all up in my huel shaker today

any more excuses? :stuck_out_tongue:

definitely keep me posted if anyone in the Huel HQ is daring enough to give this whacky trick a go! :slight_smile:


Can you use pressure cooker for this? I dont have an oven unfortunately