Simple Breakfast Huel Brownies

Hey all,

I have spent the afternoon baking and I thought you guys might like to see my low calorie chocolate and raspberry huel brownies. The following recipe makes 8 servings each serving is Approximately 100 calories. What do you think?

Ingredients with Approximate calories

2 medium eggs, 140 kcal
200g frozen raspberries, 100 kcal
140g chocolate huel powder, 560 kcal
15g baking powder, 8 kcal
100ml water, 0 kcal


  1. Heat oven to 180 Degrees C
  2. Add eggs, water, huel and baking powder to a bowl and whisk.
  3. Fold the frozen raspberries into the mixture until they are evenly dispersed.
  4. Scoop out and smooth an even layer into a 30cm by 30cm lined brownie tray.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes
  6. Leave to cool before cutting into 8 equal rectangles


You know what… i might actualy make these
Just need baking powder and some eggs


I tried huel pancakes about 6 months ago, was very disappointed and never tried cooking with it again until today.

This is far better than i could have possibly hoped and definitely worth a try. :smiley:


HI good effort and well done. I am thinking to make them vegan you could replace the eggs with ground flaxseeds mixed with water. I would need to try and see how they would turn out. :birthday::blush:


I thought about replacing the eggs with mushed banana to make it vegan. I don’t know if it would work though.
Maybe I’ll try that next time I make them.

Hi I think you can use applesauce as well but I have never tried it. When I make my cupcakes I use apple cider vinegar whisked into plant milk and they are always light fluffy and very tasty. Me thinks I will need to do some baking soon. Oh no I cant. I cant get any flour as out of stock since March. X :birthday::blush:

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Better for vegan is to use aqua faba, the gooey stuff you pour off canned beans. Mimics more of the properties of eggs.

Probably one of the best looking ‘cooking with Huel’ results I’ve seen. How dense did they come out?

@Tim_Huel, isn’t it about time you guys put together a proper ‘cooking with Huel recipe book’?

They were really fluffy almost like a really moist cake. Although when I had them this morning I noticed that around the raspberrys they turned slightly stodgy. Still tasted great though.

I second the call for a call cook book.

That actually exists, I worked on this in 2016, we used to give it to people who signed up to our email list. I can’t upload PDFs here but hopefully this link works for you. The recipes are really good, if erring on the safe side of Huel usage.

Also, of course, you can just go to where we have loads more!


Thats awesome, but i do kinda wish this was a hardback book i could add to my cookbook collection.

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Yea I’ve read about using the water from chick peas and that you can even make meringues with it too. Have still to give this a go. Have you used it yourself. Thanks. :birthday:

Yea that would be great. I am not too keen on e books especially for recipes. I like to find the page quickly and also a picture to see if my efforts turn out ok. :birthday::blush:

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Yes I have, and to make Huel cheese crackers too.

Omg awesome!!!

Thanks for the recipe! I did an adapted (slightly unhealthier) version this afternoon and can report they are very yummy.

2 medium eggs
175g frozen morello cherries
140g chocolate huel powder
15g cacao powder
25g caster sugar
25g white chocolate chips
15g baking powder
100ml water

I baked for 30 minutes at 160 degrees in a fan oven. Cut into 9 squares @ 125kcal each.
Probably will leave out the chocolate chips next time - they don’t need them.


Looks delicious, did yours get nice and fluffy as well.

Yup. Lovely and fluffy but just a little bit gooey when they came out of the oven :grin:

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This recipe is amazing. Kudos.

I tried this morning with frozen mango and cherries, and they taste great.



Im glad it turned out ok for you. They look great :smiley: