New Mug Cake

I made another Huel mug cake,winter spiced this time.

I used the vanilla Huel. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I don’t really enjoy using the original/no flavour huel when it comes to baking. The vanilla gives it an extra awesome kick! :smiley:
I’m looking forward to trying out more Huel mugcakes for the upcoming Valentine’s Day :smiley:


Why the chia seeds?

It’s used as an egg replacement, because the recipe is vegan :slight_smile:

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Well that looks rather easy and yet very clever.

I’m going to make that right now, Back in 5.

How have I never done this with Huel!?

Mine didn’t come out the same of course, perhaps I should measure the ingredients next time lol.

I used the christmas pudding flavour, with whole milk and no sugar/spices - and I’m really surprised how nice it’s come out :smiley:


To make the cake less wet, I’d really suggest using the blended or mashed banana to make the mug cake more, well, cakey, haha. (Or an egg, but I don’t know the measurements you’d need for it, sorry).

I’m glad you like the idea of it though! :smiley:

Ha to be honest I just threw some stuff at a bowl and then nuked it. I’ll put more through in next time :slight_smile:

What would you replace the sugar with?

I personally wouldn’t replace the sugar with anything because I love sugar and sweetness.

But honestly, if you use a ripe enough banana, and add in other fruit (like blueberries), you’ll have enough natural sugars in there to not need to add in any sugar.

When I bake other things though, I often replace sugar with agave syrup. Again though, I don’t tend to watch my sugar levels too much.


Just tried a mug cake using the pineapple and coconut flavour system :yum: Would have posted a pic but ate it too quick

1 scoop vanilla huel
1/4 teaspoon flavour system
1 egg
dash of water to get a dough consistency
1/8 baking soda
1.5 minutes in the microwave_emphasized text_
dollop of yoghurt & couple of blackberries to top off


Just made a really simple mug cake.

1 scoop of water
1 scoop of Huel
1 pinch of baking powder
2 heaped teaspoons of desiccated coconut

Mix it in a mug in that order
Stir well and bang in the microwave for 1:30

Works quite well and obviously you can add other things like coca as required

That looks yummy. Any idea how many calories it comes too ?

Sure! This latest mug cake I made came to 265 calories!

Thankyou for letting me know. My wife is interested in making one as part of her diet.

Yum, I was just craving warm Huel and didn’t know where to start. I used flax seed instead of chia for the egg, and added a bit of cashew milk to thin it. It came out great! Thanks so much for the idea.

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Do you think adding 1 egg can substitute a banana?