No flour, no problem!

I saw this on insta a little while back. Huel as a flour replacement.

At first, we went mad for toilet roll. As a society we seemed to recover from that quite nicely. But now we have a new dilemma. I don’t know about you guys but flour seems to be even more rare than rockinghorse poo these days!

I’ve now tried 2 recipes using huel as either a replacement for flour or to add to the small amounts I have left. The first being microwave mug cakes, alongside an egg, baking powder, peanut butter and sugar to taste. I haven’t found a replacement for the egg if you’re keeping it vegan, so interested in your thoughts.

I’ve also added it to a banana loaf, which means I can go sparingly on the flour.

Anyone else tried any Huel baking?

Hi! The best replacement for egg in vegan baking that I’ve tried is a mixture of ground flax seeds (1tbsp) and water (c. 3tbsp). You just combine the two together and then need to chill it for about 20 minutes for it to thicken up into the right consistency. This works in any recipe that calls for an egg to bind ingredients together so is particularly good for baking. I’ve read that you can do the same thing with chia seeds but I’ve never tried that myself.

I’ve not tried any baking with Huel myself yet but I’m going to give pancakes a go for sure!

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There are lots of examples of baking with Huel in the recipes category, some good suggestions in there.

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@DunsfordMage hi colin that looks a good wee recipe. Will need to give it a go. Thanks :blush:

Mix was a bit sloppy so I’ve told everyone it was supposed to be a flatbread :wink:

PS Not made with Huel.

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Bet you it still tasted good. I’ve perfected my vegan cakes but bread is always a hit or miss but I still eat it. Keep baking.

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A bit bland, maybe add chilli flakes next time? Worked very well wrapped around a strong cheddar though :yum:

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