Yorkshire puddings?

Can Huel be used to replace the flour in a yorkshire pudding mix??

I think it could work. If I were you I would start replacing 50-70% and then increasing.

I believe so. Like with many Huel baking recipes, 50:50 split between Huel and normal flour is a good starting point.

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HI All,

It works as a total substitute for flour. Which gave the puds a slight sweet under taste.
Well Iiked them any way!!!


Mind sharing how you did them in the end?

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Get a measuring jug, crack the eggs into it. Then note the volume of the eggs…
Measure out equal volumes of huel and milk to the same as the eggs.

Get the huel/milk/egg mix and mix together.

Put some oil in a baking tray, then heat up in oven. When oil is good at hot then remove from oven. Add the batter mix to the hot oil.
Then place back in oven.