Another weight loss journey

Im Wojtek from Poland and today i decided to give huel a try, just ordered it.
Im 27, 183 cm and atm my BF is ~26/27%.
In my last year i’ve lost 20 kg(~44 lbs) March 3(121 kg/266+ lbs) till today(101kg/222 lbs)
In December 2018 i had wrist surgery and my first few months of training was focused on getting my hand better. My ussual regime was gym 3/week and cardio 2-4/week.
Finnaly 2 month’s ago i decided im back to my old self and started doing gym 5/week(push/pull/leg/push/pull) and cardio 3-5/week.
My goal weight is to get to 85 kg(187 lbs) that would put me on like ~15% BF, i will try to post weekly updates for my weight loss as well as my huel experience.
TDEE 3500~ / planned daily intake 2500, so 6x huel 400kcal and 1x caesin protein shake in the evening.

If i stick to huel for longer them a month ill post some weight loss pictures :slight_smile:


Good luck to you!! Powodzenia

Ok so a little update after some time, my weight loss is good, im at 98 kg’s now so about 3 kg in not even 3 weeks. That’s alot, too much for me to be sure im not loosing too much muscle in the process so yesterday i decided to put my kcal on training days to 2700. I find huel chocolate 3.0 and Vanilla good and im not craving food too much, banana is terrible thou. Im not 100% huel but more like 80-90. Everything seems good expect for killer gases ;p I’ll keep posting more of my journey and decided to stick with huel for longer :slight_smile:

keep it up and good luck Wojtek!