Anti coagulants

@Julian I have read more of the information on the site.
And found a section regarding medication, to be more specific Anti-coagulants.

My question is, what can effect my medication?

I’ve been (eating) drinking Huel for 3 days now.

Do I really need to contact my GP?

Hi @Iama_Cloan I will ask @JamesCollier to answer this.

Hi @Iama_Cloan - thanks for your message

If you were to consume excessive amounts of vitamin K, there might be possible interactions with some anti-coagulant medication. The caution is there for people who wish to consume massive amounts of Huel and who are on certain medication. If Huel is to be only part of your diet or you’re on total Huel at 2,000kcal, there should be no issue in using Huel on anti-coagulant medication.

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Wow, thats a fast response :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast response. I thought it was the vitamin k bit.
Also referred to manufacturer of the Apixaban, they confirmed its not effected by vitamin k.

but, don’t trust my research. Always ask a doctor

If you have any other queries, please do ask us

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