Any plans to launch RTD v2.0 in stores?

All the stores round me only have one or two flavours of RTD, except Holland and Barrett which has all 4 v1.0 flavours.

Are there any plans to launch v2.0 flavours in physical stores so you can try them out before buying a box? Or just having the higher protein option for lunch when out and about and you don’t have your bag of Huel powder.

they are in some stores already - but tis really upto the store buyers what they choose to stock usually - you can also add them as singles in a bundle or as single extra products to a standard order.


Great questions! As Phil suggests, it can depend on what our agreement is with the retailer, and which products they want to stock. To get 8 flavours, or even 4, in a major retailer like Tesco is a big task! A lot of them won’t change their range outside of very specific times of the year, so it takes time for new products to even be considered to get in store.

Will that stop us trying? Absolutely not. Stay tuned because we think some stores (:crossed_fingers:) are gonna be getting even more flavours!

Well there are some stores already with v2.0 flavours in! However these are all smaller independents who buy Huel through a wholesaler and we don’t receive store lists for them. For example we know that SimplyLocal Stores in Clapham, Dulwich Village, Old Oak, and Virginia Quay (Republic) all stock v2.0 flavours!

Hope that helps!

My Simply Local doesn’t have any of the RTDs sadly, but my even more localler CO-OP has just started stocking banana, so that was quite exciting to spot.