Any new flavour RTDs (v3.0?) on the horizon?

Seems a little time has passed since we got the version 2.0 flavours and to be honest I’m getting a little bored of them.

Are we getting a version 3.0 any time soon, or even just more version 2.0 flavours?

Well – it was a 3 year gap between v1 and v2 launching, so as v2 has only been around 7 months, I wouldn’t have thought 3 would appear anytime soon :grinning: Best place to get hints about imminent new product launches is on their social channels. Some new options would be nice but I guess they would have to do at least 2 new flavours in each range to make the selection boxes still possible.

Was it really that long between v1 and v2? Wow.

The company seemed to pick up pace quite a bit with new products (e.g. Black, Hot & Savoury, v2 RTDs) in the last 18 months/2 years, compared to the earlier years which made me wonder if there was anything new on the RTD front anytime soon.

Ah I can’t say on this one! I loved you suggestions though! Who knows what we will see?!