Any update on Huel bars coming back in stock?

Hi there,

I’ve been waiting for Huel bars to come back in stock at least a few months now - is anything that can be said to shed some light on the situation?

Was hoping to buy some a fewmonths ago just before they went out of stock, but now I just need them for a nutritious, filling breakfast on the go. I have been using other things in the mean time but the effect they are having on me is making me hope Huel bars come back in stock even more. I have been checking the site twice a day the last few weeks just in case :joy:

Any information that can be provided would be much appreciated. The last thing I saw commented about it is that you guys were hoping that the bar will be made better.


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just want to tag a qeustion to this aswell,

which manufacturer makes the Huel bars ?

Also could it be an option to preorder the bars?

No updates yet on when the bars will be back, sorry about that. Genuinely don’t have any more information I can give you other than we still don’t have a date on resupply.

I’m afraid we can’t tell you that as it’s sensitive information.

There could be yes, we have done this before. I think once we have a more information we could do this. I’ll raise it with the web team!

is it something Huel is looking to produce internally ? (in the future)

sounds good :):+1:

Hey Tim, any updates on this yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Afraid no updates to give you, really sorry again.