Anyone near Brighton and wants to buy 12 bags of Huel?

I’m way overstocked, I have 6 bags of vanilla and 6 bags of unflavoured unsweetened.

All brand new and sealed. Expire in about a year.

I’m just outside Brighton, in Peacehaven.

I think half price is fair so £125 for all (12 bags are £250 on

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if you get no takers and they are less than 30 days since they were delivered, you could also return them for a refund.

I’d have that in a heartbeat if you were a touch closer to Dorset ha

Just keep them. They’ll last longer then the expiry date. There might be some minor degradation of the vits or minerals but that’s all.

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Are these still up for grabs?

Yeah I will buy them. Are they still available?