Anyone using Huel with Noom?

I have started with Huel a couple of months ago. This month I have started with Noom, as I am aiming to lose 50-60 lbs, and get my BMI down to a sensible level. I can’t find any nutritional information in Noom’s database about Huel. I wondered if anyone here had signed up with Noom as well?

Hi Ian. Don’t know anything about Noom but I just count/track my calories using MyFitnessPal, as do others on here. All Huel data in there. Eating/drinking at a daily 500 calorie deficit has been losing me around 1lb per week. Easy peasy using Huel to replace two (sometimes 3) meals per day and a calorie counted evening meal. So far, over the last 3 months I have lost 18.5 lb and feel great! Good luck with your weight loss journey :grinning:


Hello Bee. Thanks for your reply. I’ve got the nutritional data from the Huel packets of course, but I’m trying to find out how it fits in with Noom. They have three food groups. Green you eat as much as you like, yellow in moderation, red in limited amounts. It’s working for me, and I have at least one Huel meal a day - which I worked out at 400 calories. Sometimes I ring the changes; for example, today I added a cup full of frozen blackberries to it, for an extra 62 calories, and it made a nice taste change.

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Huel is very versatile :yum:


Just started Noom. It seems it now recognises Huel products. I was shocked it was on its “red” list of foods due to its calorie density.

That’s funny.

This probably says more about Noom than Huel, to be honest.