Apple Cinnamon and Chai Flavour Boost

When will the Apple Cinnamon, and Chai flavour boost be available in the UK?

We haven’t had a new flavour available in the UK for some time now. Those two in particular seem like they would go really really well with the oaty flavour of Huel, and I would love to try it.


Chai spices work really well in Huel :yum::yum::yum:


Apple cinnamon sounds divine


I always wonder about the difference between UK and US flavours, do they use some sort of dodgy flavouring that is banned in one place and not the other? :thinking:

It’s just a difference in preference of taste @RyanT I believe.
A lot of (actually pretty much all) brands vary the ingredients and flavours of well known foods from country to country.
It’s partly to do with cost of ingredients and different legislations, but mainly due to varying preferences.
For example lots of well-known brands of drinks and snacks and ice lollies in Spain are less sweet than in the UK. And in America they are even more sweet.
Taste chocolate in five different countries and it will be very different.

I know Huel stated that the chocolate premix was popular in taste trials in the US but not liked so much in the UK. I can understand this - American chocolate (eg Hershie) tastes completely different to what we are used to over here.

Different cultures definitely have different tastes. You couldn’t really sell exactly the same flavours everywhere - you have to cater to the preferences and tastes of each country individually, to a certain extent.

Even in the UK though we can’t seem to agree on flavours :joy: what one person thinks is disgusting sweet and intensely flavoured, someone else finds not sweet enough and bland… go figure.


There’s definitely some truth to that. Cinnamon is a lot more prevalent in the US. It’s come to be associated with Christmas over here, but it’s everywhere - all the time - in the States. Big Red chewing gum, a Cinnabon in every mall, snickerdoodle cookies, Apple Cinnamon Huel Flavour Boosts…

Similarly there seem to be quite a lot of cherry flavour things in Germany.

On that note, cherry might make for a nice flavour boost too!

Yorkshire pudding flavour for the UK then.

Dark chocolate cherry gets my vote
Salted caramel seems to be an obsession in the UK at the moment - and on that note Chocolate salted caramel also gets my vote


I love the current caramel flavour boost but think cherry could end up like a stronger version of Berry Huel



Berry’s nice, but a cherry flavour would be good. Or, better still, raspberry.

Oooh, now I NEED salted caramel, it’s the best thing EVER!

Pretty please! :smiley:


I’d actually like that one :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
Salted Caramel and Dark Choc (bitterness) would be pretty good aswell :sunglasses:

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@Szura caramel flavour boost with the tiniest pinch of salt (sea salt of Himalayan rock salt ideally) is :yum: delicious


That would be great, as Berry tastes of almost nothing currently!

It’s such a delightful colour, but it’s like somebody casually waved a raspberry nearby when you’re drinking it.


Original Huel made with iced chai tea is delicious.
I just use a chai teabag and let it brew in hot water for a couple hours, then chill in the fridge. Add some plant milk and Original Huel, and re-chill. Really good :yum::yum::yum::yum:
When I have time I make real chai with spices and plant milk in a pan on the hob, and then chill and mix with Huel.
It works really really really well and is cheeper than buying a pouch of flavour boost

Personally I don’t think it works so well when made with vanilla Huel.


I have some Chai tea bags so must try that sometime. As I’ve already mixed my lunchtime shake (coffee premix) it won’t be today. Perhaps tomorrow, if I remember to brew some Chai tea and put it in the fridge :grin:

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I highly recommend it! It’s one of my favourites.
It’s even more delicious with a little honey (if you’re not vegan).
One teabag brewed well is enough for me, but if you prefer a stronger flavour you could use two bags.
I’m drinking the chai Huel I made last night for late breakfast right now. Mmmmmm delicious :yum: :drooling_face: :blush:


I find Original quite sweet enough without adding to it. Might have to do 50/50 with UU :grin:

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