Are all Huel products suitable for low histamine diets?

I saw in another post a mention that Huel is low in histamine, but is that true for all products?

In particular, I’m interested in the Huel Bars (Chocolate/Chocolate Orange) and Huel Hot & Savoury - Tomato and Herb. Since tomatoes and chocolate are not good for a low histamine diet, I was assuming these wouldn’t be suitable, is that correct?

Hi @danny1

Thanks for raising this. You’re correct that Huel Powder are low histamine.

We haven’t results for Hue Bars - but I’ve just arranged for testing to be done. We should have results in 2-3 weeks. We’ll report these when we have them

We have results for Tomato & Herb and it is lower than the detectable level of histamine <3.0mg/kg

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Hi James,

Thanks very much for the reply and for looking into the tests for Huel Bars.

Do you also have results for the other Huel Hot & Savoury flavours?