Non-powder products and histamine


I am suffering from histamine intolerance and I will be using Huel to make it easier to manage my diet.
I already figured that powder Huel and Huel black are suitable for low histamine diet (maybe apart from some specific flavours).

It seems to be the case for RTD options - I couldn’t find any official info about it from Huel though.

And my question really revolves around the instant meals. Based on the ingredient list, Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta seems like the only candidate but “natural flavourings” is a bit too vague to determine if it’s actually suitable for low histamine diet.

Has anyone with similar dietary requirements had any experience with instant meals or perhaps does Huel has some additional info on this?

We’ve had our Instant Meals range tested for histamine levels, and these have come back below the minimum level of detection the test can identify. Based on test results for the rest of the Huel range, all our products should be suitable as part of a low-histamine diet, with the exception of our coffee-based powder flavours.

That’s amazing, thank you Charlotte!!!

What about histamine-liberators?

What about them? in the H&S foods, any of the flavouring ingredients that might act as liberators such as Tomatoes, Cayenne Pepper, Chilli, Mustard, Paprika etc are already listed in the ingredients if they are there.

Hi, usually histamine intolerance is caused by a lack of Dao enzyme in your body, this enzyme is responsible of digest histamine.
Try buying dao enzymes, I hope it helps.