Huel with GI problems GERD IBS

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there like me seeking relief from hard to trace digestional problems. I’ve been experimenting with different powdered meals since 2014 trying to find a basic staple that doesn’t cause some kind of flare up for my diagnosed IBS, GERD and what seems to be intolerance or allergic reactions.

Over the years with Huel I’ve tried the RTD, regular powder, gluten free, and recently Black Edition. All Huel powders are all low Fodmap with generally low allergy ingredients. On and off I’ve tried every version for a week to a couple of months from 1 meal a day all the way up to 3.

The regular powder causes me the most issues. I experience internal itching and acid reflux/burn that doesn’t seem to go away with continued use. Takes a few days off to get “back to normal”. These symptoms suggests some type of allergic response. I’ve had allergy testing (pinprick and blood draw) only grain response was for Barley. the gluten free Huel seems to reduce these symptoms a bit, but not eliminate them.

Turn to Huel black, I recall having a good past experience. Recently placed another order. I’m on my second day and none of the forementioned problems have cropped up so far. Eureka! We have a winner. I’m going to give it a week more of testing, but think I’ve finally got an easy cheap meal solution.

So why go through all the testing in the first place? I’m trying to narrow down the source of my GI problem. Looking at the ingredients list, Oats (highest quantity ingredient) seems to be the major difference. Anyone have more knowledge about the ingredient differences between the powders outside of “Oats”, it’s possible it’s something else or even a contaminant. Oats are not a common allergy, but also not unheard of. Oats or even grains track with past bad experiences. Anyone have similar experiences? Maybe deeper knowledge on ingredients or production?

Hi @frostyllama

Thanks for the post and great that you’ve found that Black Edition works for you.

People react to different ingredients differently and in different circumstances so it may be hard to pinpoint the reason.

Are oats the only ingredient inclusion difference between equivalent flavors of gluten free and black?

There are a couple of ingredients that are different, most notably the oats. But also Black Edition is sweetened with stevia and coconut sugar., and some flavours are from different flavour sources. But also the levels of the ingredients are quite different.