Huel Black Edition vs. v3 for IBS


I have IBS and am a low FODMAPs diet. Huel classic (v.3) hurts my guts very VERY hard. It is unbearable. Probably the oats, or to much linseed.

As anyone with the same experience switched to Black Edition and have experienced improvement ?

Merci beaucoup !


I can tolerate Huel Black but found v.3 very uncomfortable. Might try another bag of v.3 at some stage but for now will stick to Black. My personal favourite is coffee caramel.

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For me personally, the sucralose in Huel classic messed with my bowels, I have lots of health issues and it just didn’t work for me. I really loved the idea of Huel but couldn’t stomach it, but when Black was released I gave it a try. I now have Huel Black every day and have had no problems, and in fact some problems are controlled better now.

I am now incorporating Hot and Savoury into my diet and no problems at all, although I realise that that is high FODMAPs so probably not for you.

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So far I’m not having too many repercussions with H&S Tomato & Herb. Not tried Thai Green Curry yet. IBS can vary so much person to person. Some foods, even high FODMAP, can be tolerated in certain daily amounts but go above that amount and WHAM!

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Thank you all :pray:

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