Does Huel contain salicylates, histamine, amines?

I love Huel! but I need to try a ‘fail-safe diet’ for a little while to help diagnose some problems I have. I see Huel is low fodmap, but does it contain salicylates, histamine or amines? I see there is mcts from coconuts and peas, which are not allowed on a failsafe diet, but does the end product of huel retain the salicylates? Im hoping i can still use it!

Great to hear you are loving Huel :slight_smile:

The salicylate content of Huel is low at <0.5mg per 100g. (The MCT powder in Huel is extracted from coconuts; it’s not whole coconut.)

The level of histamine in Huel is very low at less than 0.1mg per 100g.

@JamesCollier could you help me out on the amines question?

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Hi @vixo

Like @Tim_Huel says, the histamine level in Huel is very low; it’s the same for salicylates.

Amines covers a lot, so assuming you’re referring to vasoactive amines, Huel Vanilla, Original, Berry and Unflavoured powders are very low, with the exception being Coffee flavoured Huel which may have moderate amounts.


It’d be pretty difficult to mix in a blender bottle if it was tee-hee.


Hi James,
I’m not getting this. Isn’t histamine also a vasoactive amine? It seems to me that yes.

Can you maybe specify in grams what is the histamine amount in Huel? Same for vasoactive amines and salicylates.

The reason I’m asking is I had intense allergy reaction few hours after drinking Coffee flavoured Huel for the first time. No idea if this was caused by Huel, might have been something else. The only new thing for me that day was Coffee flavoured Huel and Original one. My doctors are checking histamine intolerance option as I do not have any allergies. It would be very helpful to know precise amounts. Also maybe you can say how two mentioned flavours are different from Vanilla and Chocolate mint which I have been drinking for a longer time with no allergy symptoms?


Yes it is.

Tim gave the values of both salicylates and histamine above, exact amounts aren’t possible because the amounts are so low and can vary slighty because of the natural ingredients.

I’m really sorry to hear this, it sounds like you have a specific issue with coffee. Coffee Huel contains actual coffee. Coffee naturally contains histamine and the values above are for the vanilla flavour. It may be the slightly higher levels in coffee are causing these issues.

Just to update you further we are going to test Huel Coffee to for histamine and salicylates to provide you with some more information on this.


Hey Psikus, apologies for the delay.

We have the results back for the coffee powder which you can now give to your doctor.

Hopefully this helps get to the bottom of this issue.

Histamine: 3.48mg/kg
Salicylic Acid: 498mg/kg

If you want the values per 400kcal serving this is 0.348mg and 49.8mg.

The value for salicylic acid classes coffee Huel as high in salicylates.