Huel Black Edition Salicylates

I know Huel is low in salicylates, but is Huel black edition? If so which flavours are the lowest?

I remember a few months ago that @Dan_Huel posted that there aren’t really any currently reliable methods for testing salicylates in Huel products. I guess he can add to that if I am wrong.

Hey Mary, welcome to the forum :wave:

The post that Hunzas refers to is here. I will check in with the team if they’ve done this test for Black Edition.

Thanks Tim!

I saw that post - it’s where I got the information regarding the low level of salicylates in the original formula. At least I took it that it was referring to the original version.

Will wait to hear from you regarding the Black Edition… hopefully it will be the same.


We don’t currently have results for Huel Black Edition and salicylates, but it’s something that is on our list and we are looking to test in the future!