Augmenting Huel - If cost wasnt an issue

Hi Huelers,

I occasionally see responses from Huel staff, when asked why doesn’t Huel include [Thing X], that the ingredient is simply too expensive for the benefit it gives.

See, recently, discussions that mention chai seeds and algae.

If I walk in to my local H&B, I see plenty of food supplements (mix-in powders and seeds etc) that on their own exceed the cost per serving of Huel.

My question is, if cost isnt an issue, what would/do you add to your Huel blend?

cannabis oil


I’ve had chia seed based Complete Foods before but they gets veeeeeery sludgy just due to how much water chia seeds absorb (more than ten times their weight).

I already add MCT powder and creatine to my huel myself, tempted to try supergreens type stuff but they tend to taste awful.

I would add Ambronite :slight_smile:

And then remove all the Huel.