I was very pleased to see that Huel is avaialble to buy in drinks machines at Heathrow airport. A perfect meal replacement to take on board as you ony get a packet of crisps and a bottle of water on most flights now. I have been taking my blended drink to work every day for lunch and lost nearly a stone since I started this journey in March.


Cheers Christine! The machines are so cool aren’t they! Here is a shot of what they look like if anyone didn’t know. It would be so great to get into some other airports too, but currently just Heathrow T5.


They’ve just started stocking Huel RTD in my local Co-Op. I was surprised because it is a very small branch…more of a twig. They have vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate looks to be more popular as it goes from having a dozen bottles to none. The vanilla always seems to have a few. I’ve only noticed it in the past week or so. It’s also on offer at 3 quid a bottle.

So within a 5 mile radius it is in 2 branches of Tesco, a Sainsbury’s, two branches of Holland and Barrett and at least one Co-op. There is a bigger co-op 3 miles away but I haven’t been for a look yet.

Good work Huel. Easier to buy than a tin of Heinz baked beans (topical news being my thing).

Alas the bars have gone from Sainsbury’s


Kudos to the sales team at Huel! We’ve got more stores to go into, so watch this space!

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Love that vending machine. Should be in schools and colleges, rail and coach stations, shopping centres!

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I also noticed this in my local co-op as well which surprised me but it’s great news RTD is in more shops.
Love the vending machine