Huel RTD - Out of Stock / End of the World

Is there any news on RTD Berry being back in stock? (Chocolate is out but I can live without it)

@Tim_Huel any news on a RFD vending machine airside at Gatwick??? :pray:

Sorry for that. I can’t give you a specific date. It’s looking like the end of this week or the beginning of next. But it might well change, so please don’t quote me. Sorry for the supply problems with RTD.

Gatwick would be awesome, I’m sure it’s something the team are looking into!

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@Tim_Huel no worries - Huel RTD is AMAZING !

Huel RTD Airside everywhere would be the dream, trying to prep powder after security checks isn’t great…

Getting RTD stocked in airport lounges (FREE HUEL!!!) would be the next step to greatness!
The sorry state of food offerings due to covid in airports/lounges, has forced many a time less than ideal self powdering events in public

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